The Shocking Truth Behind the
Fox News Report: 'Man Loses 100 LBS with Sauna,' Is It True?

By Michael J. Collier

A man reportedly loss 100 lbs in 10 weeks with a sauna. Yeah, we didn’t believe it either.

Not too long ago Fox News reported that a Tampa, Florida man lost 100 pounds in just 10 weeks. While most successful dieters lose only 2-3% of their body weight on a weekly basis, this man was, miraculously, shedding 5% of his body weight every week. And believe it or not, this was without dramatically changing his lifestyle. He didn’t suddenly become a gym rat or starve himself. He just started doing one thing.

Scott Kearns began using an infrared sauna every day for 45 minutes. At the time Scott said, “It gives me the same sensation as running six miles full force.” His entire body would warm up and he would sweat everywhere from head to toe. It gave him the same results as running because he reportedly lost 600 calories a session. That's right, he lost 600 calories by just sitting in a sauna. Don't believe us, watch the video to the right.

Think about it, this could be a breakthrough for millions of Americans. According to the CDC, over 70% of adults in the US are either overweight or obese. That’s 7 out of every 10 adults you know. Heck, I'm a little overweight -- and I'm a weight loss counselor. A weight loss method like this could be an absolute game changer. But is it too good to be true? That’s the question I had, and it’s the reason we ran our own independent study to get to the bottom of the facts.

I’ll get to the results of our investigation in a moment, but first I’d like to share with you a surprising truth I discovered after years of being a counselor. The truth I uncovered is that most people that struggle with weight loss have given up on exercise and eating healthy. It’s just too much work.

Dieting is too bland and excruciating for most people. We’re living in a new golden age of cuisine. Today people don’t just eat out of convenience and hunger – we eat for pleasure and because we enjoy amazing dishes. That’s why there’s been such an explosion in food trucks and gourmet restaurants everywhere.

The honest truth is most people just aren’t willing to starve themselves or deny themselves delicious food. We may be able to do it for a few days, but we can’t keep it up. After we pack on the extra pounds we all make promises to ourselves to workout and slim back down. But we never do. That’s because we’ve given up on exercise, too.

Let’s be real, working out isn’t easy. It’s too painful. It feels like a chore. Just thinking about it is tough.

So, what can we do about this? As it turns out, the answer has been right in front of our eyes the entire time.

Stanford and Princeton Doctors May Have Found a Weight Loss Solution

Years ago when being overweight and obesity first started becoming an epidemic, several doctors from some of the biggest universities decided to dedicate their lives to solving the weight loss crisis. Doctors from Stanford, Princeton, and Yale tested hundreds of products and techniques – from gym equipment to weigh loss pills to workout DVDs. They wanted to find something that would help solve the weight loss problem. All the methods they found were pretty effective, but they showed inconsistent results. People would start to use them, lose some weight, but eventually would abandon them and gain their weight back.

After years of research doctors realized that the only way for people to consistently keep the weight off was to find a product or system that didn’t required a lot of work. Folks needed something where a large amount of energy wasn’t necessary to drop pounds. Something that didn’t seem like a chore.

It took decades of research and testing, but they finally discovered – or should I say re-discovered – something everyone could use that required almost no effort. It had been around for over 2,000 years. It’s common throughout the world and used on a daily basis in countries from Finland to Sweden to Japan. And several clinical studies have in fact shown that people can to burn up to 600 calories by just sitting or laying in it for 45 minutes.

You guessed it, the age-old solution was saunas, but with a twist.

As a weigh loss expert, I’ve reviewed hundreds of products. Over the years my colleagues and I have tried to find the most effective solutions at the best price. We've reviewed everything. If we think it can help people lose weight, we've already tested and reviewed it. That's how thorough we are and how bad we want to find a solution that can help people lose weight effectively.

When we first heard about Scott Kearns’s story and infrared saunas, I have to admit, we were a bit skeptical. So, we decided to spend the money, get the best one, and test it for ourselves.

After intense research, we bought the Medical 6 Plus sauna. It was the only one recommended by over 26 doctors. Assembly was quick and simple. We enlisted several of our patients to use it for several weeks and test it. As our study began we carefully observed the participants and took notes. What happened next was incredible…

What we noticed was that the people that failed to use the Medical Sauna™, consistently, didn’t show positive results. But those that used it every single every day experienced dramatic changes in their weight and health. It was almost like they were exercising every day. They’d just turn it on, sit on the benches, and let the sauna heat up their entire body from head to toe. They would sit and sweat for an hour every day.

Now, this isn't my first rodeo. I've assessed hundreds of weigh loss products and techniques. My reviews have been printed in well-known publications and on popular websites. I've tested many products and I've been sorely disappointed in the past. HOWEVER, these Medical Saunas™ are different, and I’ll tell you why.

The problem with regular saunas is they get way too hot, and you can’t stay in them very long -- after ten minutes you’ll want to leave. If you can’t stay in a sauna for a long time the metabolism in your body won’t reach the point where it can start burning calories. You’re basically forced out before the weight loss process can begin.

The Medical 6 Plus™ Sauna is Different – it’s Backed by Over 26 Doctors

The Medical 6 Plus Sauna is made by a company called Medical Breakthrough®, which has over 40 doctors, engineers, physical therapists, pain specialists, and surgeons behind it. They have redesigned the traditional sauna from the ground up. While a lot of saunas are made with treated wood, the Medical 6 Plus is made from untreated wood that are much thicker, which means you can stay in them for hours at a time. Some of our patients say it feels like being in the middle of a forest. The longer you can stay in a sauna the higher your metabolic rate will rise, the more you’ll sweat, and the better you’ll feel. It's great for everyday use because it's 100% natural, especially the days you don't feel so well.

After all our testing, we are happy to report that it works very well. According to a clinical study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, people can lose up to 600 calories per infrared sauna sessions. This is achieved through multiple methods, simultaneously:

  1. The first method is through the Medical 6 Plus’s Rapid Weight Loss System™. This function provides soothing heat evenly over your entire body. Saunas by other manufacturers don’t always heat your whole anatomy equally, and their infrared rays don’t penetrate every area of your skin. The 6 Plus warms you through and through. This boosts your heart rate, which, in turn, drastically increases your metabolism. When that happens, your body is triggered to burn more calories. In a matter of months the large, stubborn fat cells in your body that you couldn’t get rid without exercise will start to slowly break down.
  2. The second technique increases your endorphin levels and reduces stress. With regular sauna use, your body will produce less of the stress hormone cortisol. This will raise your energy level and help to end your cravings for fatty foods.
  3. The last way is through water weight reduction. According to the USGS, “up to 60% of the human adult body is water.” The Medical 6 Plus’s 3D Heat Therapy™ promotes rapid sweating. As your sweat glands open up and you perspire, you lose water weight almost immediately. Painful, annoying bloating and stomach issues disappear, too.

Because the Medical 6 Plus Sauna is 100% natural, it is extremely healthy for you. What's even better is, it doesn’t just help you lose weight, it also helps your heart. Infrared technology increases your heart rate and cardiac output. Blood circulation increases, rising from 5-7 quarts up to 13 quarts a minute. A 2005 clinical study demonstrated that sauna use lowers blood pressure and helps people with chronic heart failure, too.

The 6 Plus also relieves neck, shoulder, back, and foot pain. A report by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver showed that saunas reduce chronic soreness throughout the whole body. So, whether you have arthritis or fibromyalgia daily use of the Medical 6 Plus can help your body heal.

The Medical 6 Plus™ can also help you fight off illness. A white paper from the University School of Physical Education confirmed that saunas stimulate the immune system.

And the most important reason why people get the Medical Sauna™ is that it helps the body detox. According to Dr. Oz, saunas remove toxins from your body while simultaneously circulating your blood to your most important organs like your liver. As reported by Bastyr University, approximately 80% of naturopathic doctors use some type of regular detoxification treatment in their practice. And of those procedures, 66% of doctors reported using sauna therapy. In short, the Medical 6 Plus Sauna™ is one of the top ways to cleanse your body of impurities.

Unlike other saunas that only heat your anatomy partially, the 6 Plus provides a full body detox routine. As you’re heated from your head to your feet, your body will purge heavy metals, pollutants, preservatives, pesticides, and poisons; cleansing your entire system.

With so many benefits to help you we recommend the Medical 6 Plus to anyone trying to lose weight and stay healthy. It’s the answer we've all been waiting for -- that's according to Fox News and all the countless doctors behind it.

In fact, it works so well I bought one myself, and it feels amazing. The smell of hemlock wood really makes me feel like I'm in a forest. Every part of my body feels better as my body warms up. Like I said, I was doubtful at first. But because the Medical Sauna has helped me and many of my clients in so many ways, I have become a strong advocate.

And the best part is you don't have to pay for the Medical 6 Plus Sauna all at once. Because they are backed by so many doctors, they are financed by one of the biggest consumer financial services companies around, Synchrony Financial. You can just pay them $299 a month, and get the 6 Plus in your home so you can use it every single day. Ten minutes in the morning right before you go to work, and an hour in the evening right before you go to bed. Before you know it, you will lose 100 pounds just like Scott Kearns.

Our health is one of our most precious assets. As we get older we risk more injuries, sickness, and disease. It also becomes harder to lose weight and is difficult to recover when we get sick. For a product that can help us lose weight, boost our immune system, keep our heart healthy, and improve our life in so many ways it’s well worth the money.

Almost all weigh loss specialists -- myself including -- would agree that the number one factor in choosing the perfect weight loss method is to pick a system that doesn’t require a lot of work. That’s because it’s the only way to keep the pounds off over the long run.

In fact, even Oprah & Dr Oz highly recommend the infarared saunas. The Medical 6 Plus Sauna is the best infarared sauna on the market becuase it is the only sauna that is all natural and made of thick untreated wood. It is the easiest method of losing weight that we have found and we have tried everything under the sun. It’s practically effortless. Literally, all you have to do is turn it on, sit on the benches, and leave the rest up to the Medical Sauna™. And it takes only 30 minutes a day! If that’s not as easy as breathing I don’t know what is.

Again the Medical 6 Plus is extremely affordable. For only $299 a month you can order it now. Plus there’s a seven day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it for whatever reason you can just return it, and get a refund. And because there are so many doctors behind the sauna, there's also discounts available for seniors, military service members and Vets, AARP members, and AAA cardholders.

For a weight loss counselor like me, this sauna has proven to be a real delight to review. There aren't many products that can help you lose weight and improve your health so effortlessly. You just sit in the sauna for 30 minutes every day, and you will feel amazing. I’m glad I was able to stumble upon this product, and inform you about it. I hope the Medical 6 Plus can help you as much as it helps me and my clients.

Oprah shows how you can burn 600-700 calories without exercise!


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